'Price' named Indie Book of the Year for war and military nonfiction.Foreword Review's top pick of books from independent & university presses.
"One of the best books yet published on soldiers' total 'Vietnam experience'--intense combat in-country and then dealing with its aftermath...a must read."Jerry D. Morelock, Vietnam Magazine
"A great story...that needs to be told"Bob Schieffer, CBS News
"An 'All Quiet on the Western Front' of the war in Vietnam"Bill Kovach, former New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor, co-author of 'Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload'
"This book is a triumph of both dogged, fair, accurate journalism and a singularly brilliant immersion into a world most readers will find literally incredible."Randolph C. Harrison, combat veteran, journalist, author
"Superb, one of the finest books of the Vietnam War era"'Avid Reader,'
"Readers will never again be able to delude themselves that men who go to war can walk away from it unscarred, even if those scars take years to surface."Robert Timberg, author of 'The Nightingale's Song,' a New York Times Notable Book of the Year; and 'Blue-Eyed Boy,' his memoir of being grievously wounded and his struggle to build a new life.


The Price They Paid is the stunning and dramatic true story of a legendary air cavalry commander in Vietnam and the soldiers who followed him into the most intensive helicopter warfare ever—and how that brutal experience has changed their lives in the forty years since the war ended.

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In Memory

Posted by Michael Putzel • May 27, 2017

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, more popularly known simply as The Wall, bears the names of 58,318 Americans killed in the Vietnam War. Among them are 40 soldiers from a single air cavalry troop that arrived in 1968 to join the 101st Airborne Division and left among the last U.S. combat units to return home in early 1972.

C Troop, 2nd of the 17th Cavalry, spent most of its combat time in the mountainous, northern jungles of South Vietnam, where the North Vietnamese Army stubbornly defended and maintained its critical supply routes to pursue the ground war in the South. In February and March of 1971, C Troop, nicknamed the Condors, crossed the western border into Laos in a joint U.S. and South Vietnamese offensive to cut the Ho Chi Minh […] READ MORE

Vietnam Helicopter Crews to be Honored at Arlington

Posted by Michael Putzel • May 02, 2017

WASHINGTON–The Army has agreed to place a monument in Arlington National Cemetery honoring the memory of helicopter pilots and crews lost in the Vietnam War, capping a campaign by veterans of what is often called “the helicopter war.”

Veterans groups representing helicopter flight crews who served in Vietnam approached Congress for legislation mandating the memorial when they were turned down by then-Secretary of the Army John McHugh, but with bipartisan bills proceeding through both House and Senate, the Army agreed to negotiate a settlement with the vets.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Hesselbein, who flew helicopters in Vietnam as a 19-year-old combat pilot, spearheaded the effort on behalf of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association and the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association. He testified before Congress that at least 5,238 Americans, 9 percent […] READ MORE