'Price' named Indie Book of the Year for war and military nonfiction.Foreword Review's top pick of books from independent & university presses.
"One of the best books yet published on soldiers' total 'Vietnam experience'--intense combat in-country and then dealing with its aftermath...a must read."Jerry D. Morelock, Vietnam Magazine
"A great story...that needs to be told"Bob Schieffer, CBS News
"An 'All Quiet on the Western Front' of the war in Vietnam"Bill Kovach, former New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor, co-author of 'Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload'
"This book is a triumph of both dogged, fair, accurate journalism and a singularly brilliant immersion into a world most readers will find literally incredible."Randolph C. Harrison, combat veteran, journalist, author
"Superb, one of the finest books of the Vietnam War era"'Avid Reader,'
"Readers will never again be able to delude themselves that men who go to war can walk away from it unscarred, even if those scars take years to surface."Robert Timberg, author of 'The Nightingale's Song,' a New York Times Notable Book of the Year; and 'Blue-Eyed Boy,' his memoir of being grievously wounded and his struggle to build a new life.


The Price They Paid is the stunning and dramatic true story of a legendary air cavalry commander in Vietnam and the soldiers who followed him into the most intensive helicopter warfare ever—and how that brutal experience has changed their lives in the forty years since the war ended.

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Tough New Film About Enduring Wounds of War

Posted by Michael Putzel • November 01, 2017

Anyone who doubts the impact that war can have on those who fight should sit down and stay there for the 108 minutes it takes to watch Thank You For Your Service, a wrenching new film about a handful of American soldiers who return home after fighting together in Iraq. My wife was overcome and left after twenty minutes. I handed her the car keys and didn’t try to stop her.
Coming home from war

It’s not just the violence, although there are some frightening moments of combat and shocking scenes back home. The film evoked in this viewer an inner pain one cannot escape by walking out of the theater. As a writer who knows of that pain from another war, in Vietnam, it rings so true in places that I […] READ MORE

On Moral Injury

Posted by Michael Putzel • October 13, 2017

Excerpt from an address to alumni of C Troop, 2/17 Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division
San Antonio, Texas, October 7, 2017

How many of you know the term “moral injury?”

It is not a recognized disability or as carefully defined as PTSD, but it is a concept many of you may recognize. As it is generally understood, moral injury refers to people who come home from war and find over time that they can’t square was they did with the values they learned growing up. They may have performed admirably, been proud that they fulfilled their duty, saved the lives of buddies and earned the gratitude of their superiors, their friends and their families. But for one reason or another they come to feel a sense of guilt, of betrayal.

Whether the cause they fought […] READ MORE